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How to Set Up Your StompBox with The Rest Of Your Rig For Optimal Tone--By Dee Curtis

With Blues frontman Dee Curtis

This innovative gear boy takes a minimal approach in regard to his effects and stomp box setup
Co-writer: Mark Grove

03/16/03 Yep, this article was done 7 between 7 and 8 years ago.

Now Dee himself admits to being a bit of a gear hound and having a degree in electronics doesn't hurt either. Dee has "moded" everything from his guitar pickups and amps up to and including his stomps and effects boxes. But this co-writer feels it's too easy to ruin your original intentions and use too many effects that end up not being your sound at all.

MG:Should beginning guitarists use effects or stomps,or should they develop Their chops first?

Dee:They should develop their craft first.Chords and scales mainly.

MG:What is better for an axeman to start with, a stomp or a pedal?

Dee: Start with a overdrive, it will become a part of most guitarist's sound.

MG:Does the type of guitar and pickups determine the type of stomp you should use, or is it the type of music?

Dee: I would say the type of music but there are no rules.

MG: What kind of stomps and pedals do you use? I already know,but I think a lot of players need to know this so they pick the right ones.

Dee: Crybaby/TU-2 Chromatic Tuner/Octave Fuzz/Marshall Guv'nor.

MG:Is it necessary to use effects at some point or can the type of pickups and strings you use,and the way you use them have an effects sound?

Dee: As your playing gets better add some kind of FX. There are many brands of pickups & guitar strings that a guitarist can use. Over the years I have used many brands. Its up to the guitarist and the style of music he or she plays that will determine what they will use.

MG:Do you feel most musicians know how to use stomps and pedals to enhance their sound?

Dee: Most Do. Musicians use FX pedals to bring to life the colors of sound we hear in our minds.

Dee Curtis-- Independent Blues artist and Music Consultant to Canadian Guitar Player

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