Friday, October 8, 2010

Great Bluesman Coco Montoya Pays Tribute To His Mentor Albert Collins at The Maui Sugar Mill Saloon in Tarzana,California This Monday

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Cadillac Zack will be hosting his usual great Monday night blues jam at the Maui Sugar Mill Saloon in Tarzana,California this coming Monday October 3rd. Coco Montoya who is one of Blues ultimate players will be paying Tribute to his "Dad" Albert Collins who taught him to be a real bluesman and humble player.

Regular jammers are all invited out as well. If I have it right it starts at 7:30 PM California time.  If you live out on the east coast and need a real blues fix,take a bloody plane out there.It's worth it guys. Cadillac Zack is one the best promoters of blues who creates value for players and helps out his fellow player like no one in the industry.

You can also look on Zack's site for events coming up with the Monday night jam, The Cadillac Zack Blues Band or the Southern California Blues Society. If you live in So Cal or Northern California,get you and your blues lovin' buddies out to see Coco Montoya at Zack's jam this Monday. It's worth it man.

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