Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Musicians Instant Press Kit---And Why Your Band Needs A Solid Press Kit

The importance of a solid Press-Kit for Musicians

By Mark Grove

I’ve tried to get it through to musicians again and again on the importance of having a press kit. That’s basically fallen on deaf ears for the most part. What I’m going to do here is not rant and rave, but just give you some basics on how to get it done. We here at Canadian Guitar Player also offer Press-Kit writing services like; article writing, interviews and innovative material for your press kit, like articles on aspects of music like tips recording, studio session work, gear--and guitar tips that your band are adept at,and can help other musicians and fans with. Along with music business acumen.

All these music business know-how tips would be written by our writers, but the knowledge would come from you musicians, and become part of your Press-Kit. This shows creativity on a musicians part, and depending on if it’s a club you want to be booked at, session work or interest in a label deal, will all be beneficial in progressing not just a band’s career, but for each band member depending on their individual situations.

I have prior articles on writing bios, article writing, and Press-Kit implementing that Canadian Guitar Player can send to musicians who are serious about getting ahead in this business we love so much. The first 2 articles in our press packages are free. We will develop solid press material that will help your band for what ever you’re currently doing as a band. Tell me what you want to achieve in the business. If you don’t use our press writing services, be ready to work harder. If you love music enough you’ll do it. If you’re a musician in the AFM union, look for our recently published article; How to write a press kit that won’t get thrown out. It’s in the London Musicians Association newsletter called Crescendo.

Start with a basic bio of the band and each member along with how the band got together, and any funny anecdotes along the way. Also include any special talents of each band member such as song writing, recording experience, session work, clubs played at, bands opened for etc. At that point when you’re done that, get some media coverage from local college press and radio. Ask a student journalist if they would interview your band regularly. See how they do with a couple of articles, and be prepared to pay them with band funds or free tickets. Getting media coverage from big-city papers, TV and mainstream radio is not a great way to start for a band.
Shun mainstream media. Fuck them! Yeah,I swear.Oh well.

Yeah, if you don’t like what I’m saying and you know I’m right anyway,I’ll help you get started with a Press Kit. Like I said above, get a student journalist who believes in your music, get regular interviews every time you play, and even be prepared to think differently and interview band’s in your genre. This will show a lot of interest and other bands will follow suit. Also, a website or blog is important now to promote your band online, with interviews, Discussion boards, tour dates, what the band is doing currently, and have free material on your site while you’re recording a new EP, album or compilation CD.
What you can do to promote your band is endless. Just be ready to pounce on ideas even if they don’t do what you want at first. So let’s get started and email us at Canadian Guitar Player and we’ll talk about setting you up with a Musicians Instant Press-Kit.


Mark Grove
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