Friday, February 27, 2015

Musicians,What Is Your Favorite Album? And Do You Learn From It Or Just Listen---If You're smart You'll Learn And Be Able To Play To It

Hey Players,

I guess I should have said what is one of your favorite alums of all time?

I've never had an album I felt was the best or my favorite.

But if you have one you've really respected and admired for their musicianship; As far as the playing,vocals and ability of the band to gel like they've been playing for a 100 years, what album might that be.

That album for me is the 1978 Rush (Hemispheres) album. It's one of the better progressive rock albums of the late 70's. It's like a blend of theater as far as Geddy Lee's vocals and the ability of Alex and Neal to mesh their riffs like they're acting out a play that's very dramatic, and take us on a journey of prog rock you never want to end. As well, their ability to take their instruments to levels most bands never achieve.

And yes, the odd metered timing and recording songs like Circumstance---my favorite from the album and La Villa Strangiato which have stood the test of time and not end up on FM Rock and Classic Rock radio in rotation, thank god.

Those two songs make players think how to compose music on a level that makes players play different chord structures without constant virtuoso soloing too. This is an album you want to go and buy the old record album of, even if it costs you 40 bucks. It's a learning tool like no other. Use it to play to---and if you're a blues/rock player, you'll learn to take blues numbers on a ride as well.

But for now, grab a hold of this album from the link below. Or if I have it above this just click and listen and learn guys. I love this shit and I think the best learning tools are ones you listen to and play to.

Now,get busy and make me proud and be able to play one of the songs off Hemispheres.

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