Friday, March 27, 2015

Jimmy Page---Are His Producing Principles He Used For Led Zeppelin Of Value To You And Your Band?

Love the Jimmy Page book--"Light and Shade! "
There are so many nuggets of recording tips from Jimmy. Even though it was done in the analog era, these tips still hold true today.
The last page I finished in the book talked about Page and his insistence on every album,song,composition or recording that; "Distance Equals Depth." Anyone who knows even simple recording techniques knows that this means not to keep your mikes too close to the recording source. Be it an amp,guitar,bass drums. And that testing with various mike distance will give you better tone and not so much bleeding of instruments into one another unless you need some of that for what ever tone you're going for. Basically when it comes to recording not to keep the mike too close, and to test,test,test!

This is just one of the tips Jimmy was doling out for his book "Light And Shade" written by Guitar World Editor In-Chief Brad Tolinski. 

I'll say it again these tips are worth a lot of money and if your band just used one of Jimmy's recording,playing or producing tips could be worth a lot of money to many blues and rock 
oriented bands like yours.

I personally think if you use just one tip it could change your bands tone on stage,in the studio or learning how to play your songs more fluidly. So many great tips from this book it's insane!

Or if one recording tip could help your band become better musicians and take your playing up a notch that agents who represent high paying bands see, and ask your band to go on the road making an extra 5 thousand a week, wouldn't this book be worth it's weight in money? 

If you'd like to pick up a copy of this book just click the link below. 

The value of this book is immeasurably worth thousands of dollars, not the less than 30 bucks for this book. If tips on producing or even miking could prevent you from spending more studio time money,or get a better recording sound wouldn't the price and value of this book be worth many times the price of it?

I think so.

So,grab a copy of the book and get started learning from Jimmy Page. You can literally say you got the recording or producing tip from Jimmy. 

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