Saturday, March 14, 2015

Canadian Guitar Player Gear Shop-- Dee Curtis Talks On How To Set Up Your Stomp Box and Effects Arsenal

With Blues front-man Dee Curtis

This innovative gear boy takes a minimal approach in regard to his effects and stomp box setup

By Dee Curtis

Co-writer: Mark Grove


Now Dee himself admits to being a bit of a gear hound and having a degree in electronics doesn't hurt either. Dee has "moded" everything from his guitar pickups and amps, up to and including his stomps and effects boxes. But this co-writer feels it's too easy to ruin your original intentions and use too many effects that end up not being your sound at all.

If your first inkling after you get a Fender Strat and Marshall Half-Stack is to get that old Effects pedal, than you're way off the mark. Learning how to get an effect type tone from your amp and axe is paramount. I have an old video that showed how to get the proper set up of your guitar and amp that I thought was and is, right on the money.

If I find it I'll put it up in the next day or so. Too many players color their original tone with too much  fuzz,distortion, overdrive or even phasing or chorus. Effects should complement your playing ability
and not mask your tone. I'll have a link to a great company that have taken old effects pedals and stompboxes, and innovated the effects that were known to players in the late 60's and early 70's.

But for now read this interview to tell you how to include effects in your construction of different textures and feel of your original music.

So here's Dee Curtis!

MG: Should beginning guitarists use effects or stomps, or should they develop Their chops first?

Dee: They should develop their craft first.Chords and scales mainly.

MG: What is better for an axeman to start with, a stomp or a pedal?

 Dee: Start with an Overdrive, as it will become a part of most guitarist's sound.

MG: Does the type of guitar and pickups you use determine the type of stomp you should use, or is it the type of music?

Dee: I would say the type of music but there are no hard and fast rules.

MG: What kind of stomps and pedals do you use?

Dee: Crybaby/TU-2 Chromatic Tuner/Octave Fuzz/Marshall Guv'nor.

MG: Is it necessary to use effects at some point or can the type of amp you use have an effects sound?

Dee: As your playing gets better add some kind of FX. There are many brands of pickups,amps and guitar strings that a guitarist can use. Over the years I have used many brands. Its up to the guitarist and the style of music he or she plays that will determine what they will use.

MG: Do you feel most musicians know how to use stomps and pedals to enhance their sound?

Dee: Most Do. Musicians use FX pedals to bring to life the colors of sound we hear in our minds.

Here's a link to great Overdrives, Distortion and old Uni-Vibe type sounds that take a players tone to a whole new level if tweaked properly for your type of music. 

By the way some of Fulltone's effects pedals and stomps are endorsed by a player who was probably the one and only guitarist who was thought of as someone who played similarly to Jimi Hendrix. Even Robin's textures and tones from his sound were used in the creation of these fine effects. If you don't know who Robin Trower is get to know him. Some of the best Rock n' Roll of the 70's and 80's was from Trower.  Just go to: And Click the link below.

Think of his songs called "Day Of The Eagle" and "Too Rolling Stoned". That's Rock n' Roll Baby!

If you have any questions on how to use effects pedals correctly, just email me here.

Dee Curtis-- Independent Blues artist and Music Consultant to Canadian Guitar Player

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