Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rock Nation's Deputy Talks About Music Publishing Deals,How To Be A Self Made Music And Business Mogul To Boot

I was reading Forbes magazine which is a well known business magazine that talks about the wealthiest people,business trends and how to make and invest your money.

I came across a short article and video from an artist named "Deputy" and he talked very intelligently about music publishing,getting the right deal,working with other artists and also being an independently wealthy artist and business person.

Even though I'm not a hip-hop or soul type music listener Deputy is involved with some big name artists from these genres, and has learned how to branch out independently without being a slave to a record label or music publisher. As well,how to make better royalties many times more than the old rock n' rollers made in the 60's and 70's.

Thanks Deputy. Some golden nuggets for many beginning and veteran artists from your video, and being frank on how to make it as a solo artist and astute businessman.

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