Thursday, May 14, 2015

What Overdrive Or Distortion Pedal Do You Use? I'm Doing A Survey

Musicians, I'm doing a survey on whether you use effects pedals in your arsenal,besides a solid axe and amp rig. 
I'm going to be selling effects pedals soon,and I haven't decided which one I'll be making available. As well, I'll be interviewing a musician on their
pedal,and how they use it in their signal chain.
As well,have them do a full demo on said pedal. I'm a big lover of basic distortion pedals. A good old OD. If you musicians tell me what you would either like in an OD,or what you have now will tell me a lot. And give me the intel I need to go forward and start selling them.
The more I know from you guys,the more value and better product i can provide to you in an Overdrive or basic Distortion pedal. It might even end being the OD pictured here. Who knows.
Just tell me what cha' think and get back to old Markie. But for now head on over to the old blog. It's been missin' ya. Great "how to" material for musicians and how to get ahead as a band or single player.

PS: If you're a musician who's done a demo video on a Zakk Wylde Berzerker OD,just email me and I'll put it here on the blog. I plan on selling them at this point. I will even give you a small taste of the action if I could interview you and mpossibly do another demo of it to provide value to other players who are interested in buying the ZW Berzerker OD.
Just head on over. It won't hurt one bit,unless you like that kind a' shit.
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