Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How Robin Trower Can Help You The Musician Over Drive An Amp Without An Effects Pedal

H ow can you overdrive an amp without an effects pedal? There is a way guys. I was reading an interview with Robin Trower from the band Procol Harum done by Mike Ross of Guitar Player magazine from July 2013. His first question was more of a statement. he said,"It appeared when I saw you with Procol Harum one night, that you were playing through a radio."
Then Robin said: "It was a little practice amp with a 7" speaker, and I was using it to overdrive a bigger amp."
If you're a musician who is intrigued like me by gear and how to get a more natural tone without pedals, this is the answer! Even though I'm not a player, I thought, if I was a player what I would do is set up a small amp and tweak it to get a more natural tone through a bigger amp, instead of coloring your tone with fuzz, or distortion with a pedal.
If you're a musician, try this out. If you live here in London, I'll interview you and put a profile of you and your band on my site: Canadian Guitar Player. We'll test this small amp to overdrive a big amp in practical application.
You'd get a more natural sounding overdriven amp, and it could be all analog to boot. Even better. I hope this tip helps you get a better tone for your playing.

Basically, I'm making an offer to musicians to try this out and show me in a video how you did this and I'll put it on my site. I'll interview you as well, getting you some media exposure. How does that sound?

We like to "Stack On The Hip" for our faithful readers here at Canadian Guitar Player.

So try this out and get back to me guys. You might just discover a new way to overdrive your sound and get the tone you've been searching for. Who Knows?

Much success to all players.

Mark Grove "Somewhere just southeast of Constitution Park") "It's Much Easier On Yer Constitution"
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