Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Eddie Kramer Talking About Jimi Hendrix And His Ability To Keep Striving For New Pathways In Recorded Music

Jimi Hendrix to me wasn't the best player around like so many think.

What I mean is he thought differently about the music and where it was being taken:especially when Billy Cox came back on the scene. It had more of an R and B feel to it.

And Eddie Kramer talks about how Jimmy was incredibly innovative,not just as a player but able to hone in on where a certain part of a song should be going sonically,and how best to capture that moment. Especially when you're dealing with analog equipment.

Eddie also goes into why Jimmy found ways to take his playing to a whole new level,and come up with new types of music on the fly.

That's why I keep telling you musicians to  always be writing,recording,jamming with others,taking notes and interviewing other players to learn from and develop your own style.

Even when you tweak your amp and guitar so it becomes your own way of setting up your rig.

It's a short video by Eddie but very informative. Eddie also has a Facebook page,and always has great tips recording wise--and why you're best to look him up,learn from him and use that new info to become a better player,band and musician.

Much success players.

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