Monday, March 21, 2016

Jimi Hendrix Is Alive!! And Why Jimi Gravitated Toward Jazz Players--And A Strange Coincidence

Well, not really. Alive that is. Although a cadre of Hendrix lovers probably think he is.

What if he was alive and well and playing music at 74 years old?

I have an article on what I think he'd be doing if he didn't pass on into the great beyond and playing his brand of free form rock/jazz guitar on the other side.

As well, I plan on a few interviews with bluesmen who'll be demoing the gear that Jimi used,and how you can get that gear. As well as a few tips on how to play Jimi's material your way.

And yes,I'll be selling the gear that Jimi used. Even Jimi understood the need to make a good buck if you're going to be a great musician.

So, here's the article. learn a few things and take action on what you learn about Jimi Hendrix.

Think about it this way,learning tips from Jimi on playing and recording can actually make you money,whether you choose to believe it or not.

I truly think tips on Jimi are worth 100 G's if you play your cards right.

Time will pass regardless of whether you take action on these tips or not.

I was thinking over the weekend about some New York based jazz guitarist's I've listened to over the years, and was listening to on the weekend as well. They are Wayne Krantz and Larry Coryell. These are the jazz players who you should be listening to and learning from if you're a musician.

Why Jimi Hendrix Gravitated Toward Jazz Players--And A Strange Coincidence

Why should you listen to them? Well, you know old Markie's gonna put in his two cents worth. If you as a player ever want to get better and learn some new tricks like not just playing faster, but learning to use odd-metered timings, listen to and jam with local jazz cats.

Yeah, you could play with guys you normally play with, but you won't find new riffing or textural and phrasing styles that bring you out of the norm like jazz. Jazz players are built from a different cloth.

Take Canadian blues/jazz axeman Jeff Healy, he gravitated toward jazz players and even had his own jazz band at the end of his life.

Get what I'm sayin' lads?

You're also thinking, what does this have to do with Hendrix? Come on Mark, give it up!

Well, after I listened to some great Larry Coryell I thought Coryell is about the age of Hendrix and he's still kickin'. Coryell that is. But then I thought, with the free form material Coryell and Krantz play and still play I'll bet my bottom dollar that Hendrix, being the different player that he was gravitated toward players he learned the most from to be able to take his and his band's playing to a higher level. Then I thought while I was at my job on the weekend, I'll bet Hendrix searched out jazz players like this to learn from and take his playing up a notch. Even Hendrix had to learn something from players better than himself. He's kind of like the Tiger Woods of guitar. And no it has nothing to do with him being black you fools!!

Then today, I get my regular Guitar World newsletter email and what I read just blew me away! In the late 60's Hendrix had been playing with Jazz great Miles Davis and drummer Tony Williams. The article didn't say if they jammed together at all, but I'm assuming they did. This was in New York in 1969. Hendrix wanted a bass player for this quartet, but not just any bass player.

That bass player was...

I'm not going to let the cat out of the bag. Click the link here to find out the Bass player they wanted for this little supergroup. I tell ya, some of the little groups that got put by the wayside and could have been in the 60's and 70's, and were put on the back burner because they're groups made so much money touring makes me sad. Yeah, it's great to make a lot of money so you can have a great life, but to stand in the way of great music that could have been made in some ways is more important. At least to me.

But the coincidence in all this was and is that I was thinking on the weekend that Hendrix must have sought these players out to learn from and take his playing to a whole new level in a style that takes his playing on a different kind of journey. Kind of like what I like to call " A Jazz Fusion Vacation". Low and behold he did seek these jazz players out to learn from.

But you have to click the link to this article from Guitar World to find out who the bass was that Hendrix and company wanted for their little group, back in the day of music that standed for music that was a real fuckin' high. Not the garbage from soulless musicians who just regurgitate other music, and their original music well frankly is shit!!

Here's the link to the article that you gotta read. And yep, it was just a coincidence that I was thinking that Hendrix sought these players out. Old Markie's smarter than ya thought eh? just click the link below guys.

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