Thursday, June 30, 2016

Should You Write Lyrics Or Create The Music First When Writing Songs?

By Mike Wilkinson

Co-Writer: Some head named Mark Grove

Music or Lyrics First?

I gave Mike one of our regular writers on songwriting a tough question on song writing that even stymied the likes of the Berklee grad. I didn't let Mike off the hook though, and I made it tough so Mike and writers and musicians challenge themselves. Songwriting is a tough part of the musicians creative process you need not just to have material for an upcoming album, but to learn both the lyric and music writing and composing aspects of being a musician.

Some will be strong in both elements of writing, and some will be strong at just one. If your writing strength is lyrics and you have a band, then ask your band members to write and compose the music. Even get someone to teach you what you're not good at. But don't try to do something if you continue to flounder in one part of songwriting.

That's why you should delegate other band members not just to write but to feel more part of the process and to learn and eventually feel better about taking a cut of CD sales,Online sales and any points on music publishing income. I like to write music how to articles that are long not just for the sake of having lots of words, but to teach musicians and be able to take them further in their songwriting and music careers.

Are you better at one part of songwriting than another?

Mike Wilkinson:

This is a much easier question for me to answer. I know that when I started, I started writing music first, because I was already a piano player.

I think the best way to determine what they should learn to do first is to find out where their strengths lie. Do they already play an instrument or are they better at putting a pen to paper and coming up with a story. That should help determine what they should learn to do first.

I know when I went to classes, I did both the lyric writing and music writing together. I know that when I write a song,I usually start with the lyrics or the music as separate entities and then change one to fit the other. Then if they don't work at all,I usually leave them as separate entities and send them out separately. But I usually try and have them fit together.

Mark Grove:

In ending, songwriting is an important part of the process and learning to write your own original material can take both the lyric and music ends of writing to another level. You'll also learn to write and play music your way, not copy others.

All musicians and creative artists steal to some degree. You can't get around that. Some of you will say you never steal a word,guitar lick or any aspect of someone's song. Yeah, right. Don't try and fool the readers of Canadian Guitar Player.

That's why you learn to write your own way and keep it original. Learn to write not just the genre of music you're involved in, but include other types of music to challenge your writing even further.

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