Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jimi Hendrix Used To Scout Guitar Players In New York City And This Tip On Finding Or Scouting Musicians "Is Pure Fuckin' Gold!

Here's a tip from Jimi Hendrix days in New York City. Even when he was recording or playing in town he would always check out other players he could use,especially at a Club called:The Scene. So players always check out other clubs and jam sessions for that special player who may be able to fill in session wise on a song that has no legs, or your bass player or other guitar player has a hard time with.

This is a short simple tip on how to get better players to jam with,and for your band. Actually go out and scout players at local clubs. Forget that bullshit with demo tapes and seeing them on Youtube. Nonsense. Go old school and watch local players. Take notes and see if they'd be good on certain songs like a session player,or they have the ability and talent to play whole gigs.

It's simpler than you think. But see how they listen to other players and if they apply the lead guitar player's chording,and just change it up enough to have a great contrast---but have the basic parts down. All there is to it. But I have an article that shows players how to actually listen properly to other players. From the lead guitar,to the bass,drummer---and especially a singer. But for now,head on over to the old music blog to learn ya' somethin.' It's been missin' ya' lately players.

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