Saturday, August 19, 2017

Greg G Rock Sanders--Back To Basixx Album--How He Writes His Songs

Okay musicians and fans of G Rock,I've been running a Facebook Group for G Rock's Back To Basixx Album.

Thank you to all the people who bought a copy or just want to be a part of the G Rock world. As well, thank you to Curtis Wilcox who's G Rock's artist--and does some wild art work that you'll see more of as we progress along with the album and other activities we have planned.

But last night on the Facebook group I asked Greg how he comes up with his songs. Does he write the lyrics before he fleshes out chords on the bass and do any vocals or other instruments.

Here is what G Rock had to say...

GR:As to your question about the songs and what's done first;. Bass licks, everything was actually written as separate patterns in the song structure.The solos came as a more free form playing different scales such as pentatonics etc within the chord structure...

Greg Sanders:
 Oh yeah, all overdubs songs like 'Pimpalicious' contains 8 different bass patterns,and  n contrast 'Strung Out' is one Bass part mixed way out front and meant to be the main musical part of that piece.

Mark Grove Thanks man,that's great information for all your fans and musicians who love hearing the technical side of G Rock and how you actually come up with your material. As well, I'll use this information to make an article for the website and help other musicians. Fans, this skinny you get no where else.

The link below will take you to G Rock's Back To Basixx Album Facebook Group to have your say on the album,and if you go see Greg when he does gigs as a solo bass player,and with The Gorilla Funk Mob. Also below the FB group there's a link to grab G Rock's album. It's only a few bucks.

Just click enter when you click over to long range. It's  at the bottom of the page. Then,click the letter "g" at the top of the page,then on the next page scroll down until you get to G Rock Back To Basixx album. The use Paypal to grab his album.

You'll love his bass and funk groove which takes me back to the 70's with all the great funk groups of the day.

So grab the album and see us over at the FB group for G Rock's Back To Basixx album.

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