Thursday, August 10, 2017

Greg G Rock Sanders Coming Out With Several New Projects Besides His Back To Basixx Album Solo Project

Greg G Rock Sanders has been workin' his ass off not just with his new projects,but has been working for years with The Gorilla Funk Mob backing up some of the top rap and hip-hop artists;as well as releasing their own material and doing gigs of their own.

I've been touting G Rock's Back To Basixx album,and did a review on it you can see here on the blog.

As for Greg's new material--he's coming out with a Black Rock Music Project,and a collaborative effort with Dee Curtis who's been a mentor of mine,and someone who I've learned a lot from over the years,and write for at times.

I'll have more on both these projects from G Rock soon,and I'll be doing an interview with Greg.

But for now go grab Greg's Back To Basixx album. It's more of a hip-hop endeavor which I enjoyed more than I thought. If Jimmy Page can find something in the hip hop of P Diddy, or Sean Combs, I should look into and study different genres of music.

To grab G Rock's album go to: 

To get the album follow these steps: click the link above,then on the next page click the letter "G" on the list of letters at the top of the page. That will take you to a new page where you scroll down to G Rock's "Back To Basixx" album.

Use Paypal to grab it. it will ask you to use Paypal. It's about 12 bucks. A better investment than buying "Dunkin Donuts."
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