Friday, October 13, 2017

Ernie Ball Guitar Strings and Slash--Two Innovative Cats


Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings. 

Ever use them,or any other Ernie Ball Strings? 

I'd like your thoughts on them and if you've used them for years like Slash has. It's tough at times to find a string that'll take rough playing on a string to give you the tone you're looking for when you hit that string before the Pickup takes over and gives you the tone you either want,or don't.

I'm not saying to pick up some Ernie Ball Strings because Slash uses them. Think and study strings. Yes study them. And test them out.

You're thinking,yeah Mark,they're all the friggin' same.

No they're not. Take the time and ask a local shop for samples,and test them out on your guitar. I'm not kidding.

If you're not sure what kind of guitar string you need,do some research online with Ernie Ball--and figure out what kind of strings are better for the music you play,and the type of axe and gear you use.

Yes,even when you use strings it's that vital.

I'm including a short video from Slash on the Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings he uses,and some insight from his Guitar Tech Adam Day;who's been with Slash since the late 80's. Watch the video and then research those strings you think are right for you. Don't just blindly pick them.

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