Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why You Should Be Grabbing The Jimmy Page Book And Succeeding As A Musician--Or Making A Poutine Sandwich

Musicians, and music fans, I'm just blown away by the great tips from this book on Jimmy Page written by Guitar World Editor in-Chief Brad Tolinski. Brad has had the great opportunity for many years to interview Jimmy at length for articles in GW. What has always fascinated me about Page is not all the great music he produced for Zeppelin, but how he recorded it, and how he has helped other bands in the studio over the years create their own style tone wise. The book is called: " Light And Shade" Conversations With Jimmy Page. I think this book is worth many thousands of dollars if you're a musician who sees the incredibly valuable tips from Jimmy, and actually use them to help your band in the studio and doing live or session work for yourself or your band. I know this stuff seems so simple, but most musicians just read and consume books on famous musicians, but never use those tips to help their bands, or others.

I want you to succeed, massively!! And yes, I'm selling the book which I still think is worth a fortune. Its like having the keys to the kingdom in your hot little hands. So, get started on the road to better life as a musician by grabbing a copy of this book, for your band members. I'll be also giving away a small number of copies of the book as well. Don't let this great opportunity pass you by guys. I want the best for you. So, click the link below to get started. As well, I'll have some tips from the book on future posts here on the blog, which is totally free. And you should be reading that material which can help your band become the musicians I know you will be.

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