Friday, April 10, 2015

How To Make More Money Opening For Other Bands--Just By Doing This One Thing

I find a lot of musicians overlook this simple tip to help get them gigs supporting higher paying headliners and it's staring you right in the face when you go see your favorite local bands, or even going to jam sessions at local clubs. Yes, it takes a little work on your part but can be the difference between making the same money spinning your wheels in a band that goes no where,or doing you know is right to be the band you know you're capable of. And I think this tip is worth it! Musicians who can't get any gigs right now. You know who you are in my town; Do something different to get gigs. Don't be like every other band out there that just gives a club booker a CD and a Promo kit and expects gigs galore.
Be the contrarian for once please.

Here's what to do, and it gives you your results in advance, kind of.

Go to a gig of your favorite local band and offer to interview them on a regular basis. Do this for free and don't ask for anything in return. Don't even mention you have a band. Interview them and ask them questions on different aspects of their band, their gear and how their playing can help local musicians.

Once you've done this for a month then ask if you can open for them. Do this for free if you have to. It gets your band a foot in the door by creating massive value for another band! Other bands will see what you're doing and want the same thing. Just be patient. But continue to work on your own band's material and dig in for the grind.
Even though it takes a lot of work, it's worth it and your band will eventually get better paying gigs. Learn from other bands as well so it can take your playing up a notch.

And go to those local jams too. You might just end up working with musicians who go on the road and are looking for a good supporting opening act. That, should be your band. You can do this if you play your cards right and focus on what you need to do guys.

Much success musicians.

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