Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Great New Crybaby Wah Out From Dunlop--Called The Mini Wah--I'll Have It Available Soon!

Just watched and read a great demo of the new Dunlop Crybaby Mini-Wah. That's right it's more compact but comes equipped with all those great vintage and modern tones that some of yesterday's and today's most prolific rockers have used on some of the greatest songs of the classic rock era to today's rockers and metal gods.

Paul Riario, a well known Guitar World writer gives a great demo of the Crybaby Mini-and goes through all those iconic voicings the Crybaby is known for and gives you a good taste of all those juicy tones you're in for when you grab one of these new Mini Crybaby's.

There is also a good article from Paul as well and I have a link to the demo and article.

I'll have the Crybaby Mini available in May or maybe before right here on the site. I'll be offering a great deal to serious musicians who know that the Crybaby needs to be a part of their tone.

These new Wahs are also compact and great when you're on the road, and take up even less space than those great original Crybaby's.

Just click the link and get started on a great road to vintage and modern wah tones you get from no other type of pedal other than a Dunlop.

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