Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dan Kennedy:Master Marketer Can Show You The Musician How To Ethically Manipulate Your Fans And To Create Value

                                                                                                                                                                  I always talk about creating value for other musicians and fans of your music. Dan Kennedy the well known marketer in this short but important video talks about creating value and why it's important.  Why packaging of your CDs or product doesn't have to be perfect either. Nor does the sound quality of your music have to be perfect. It should be good mind you. But what Dan is trying to get at which connects to musicians like you is there has to be a connection made, or your fan resonating with your music.

That connection is so important players. It's a short video that can give insight into why marketing and the message you send through your music is more important than anything else. Dan Kennedy is a writer and marketer who's advice has helped multitudes of people in business. I think your band would be served well to look at Dan's free marketing advice.

Don't be hasty and say it isn't relevant to music. It wouldn't surprise me if some musicians have used his marketing advice to help their band. I'm going to give you his website to go to along with this video so your band can learn more about marketing your music better. And it's free.

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