Friday, July 10, 2015

Musicians: How To Be A Ballsy Songwriter That Writes From The Gut--And Learns Not Just From Other Songwriters And Musicians

Here are two writers in the sales world who are exceptional ad copy writers, who write like the best musicians;and you the songwriter and musician better pay attention to. These guys know a thing or two about sales copy that sells like it's a nuclear blast goin' off, or sex with that woman you never thought you had a chance with.
Ya' get what I'm saying musicians?
By the way I'm talking about John Carlton and Kevin Rogers who are two writers I listen to for insights into our brains and how to use it to our advantage in life and in business.
I personally think if you listen to their insight and use it to further your songwriting, you can't help but do well. Or stay in the basement where you band plays jams,gets drunk and enjoys the occasional orgy. Just sayin'.
You could learn how to educate yourself on not just song writing,but how to  write for your music business and be a better person period. Or date that MILF or Grandma down the road who looks pretty good these days.
Just listen and take notes from Kevin and John. They're hilarious and they'll teach you how to hone in on a part of songwriting and life most of us never think about, or take action on to make our lives better. 

Now click that thing called a link and listen to Kevin and John. Best investment a songwriter could make, and it just takes a bit of time. No cash involved. Now get listenin! 
Thanks guys

Now go write some songs that just kick even the best songwriter's ass!
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