Sunday, August 16, 2015

Why You The Musician Will Succeed In The Music Biz--And Why Jason Moffatt And Frank Kern Will Help Your Band

The picture there is of Eddie Taylor,one of Chicago's greatest blues sidemen on guitar. 

You are vital to the music industry in your town, state and nation. You can achieve big things as a musician. I truly believe you can.Creating value for other musicians is something I truly believe in and I learned that actually from people in the music business and successful internet marketers who help a lot of people. Yes, I realize it's tough to get started as a working musician and getting paid a half decent buck for your hard work.

I've gone through tough times and came through it, but I believe in you as a musician who truly values what you do and can succeed with your band, and help other musicians and the music community where ever you live.

What I suggest you do is find a successful musician in your town to learn from like I learned from Dee Curtis who is a consultant to this blog, and creates value for many musicians. He told me what the music business is about and he's played in bands with some of today's biggest names and still I keep learning from him. I also have learned a lot from Jason Moffatt and Frank Kern two well known internet marketer who help people without asking for anything.

The actual idea for this article came from Frank Kern who's list I'm on. He is a genuine laid back helpful soul who's a friend of Jason's in California. Many thanks and respect to them. But Dee Curtis is who I really need to thank for helping with this blog in so many ways. If any musicians want to get in touch with Dee to help out with your music just email me and I'll see he gets back to you.

I truly believe in what you have to offer as a musician and know you will succeed. Be generous to your fellow musician who wants to learn and go further, take the time to learn the playing and business side of music and create true value for other musicians.

Start today guys becoming a success. Learn to think differently as a musician and take action to prosper and help other musicians and people in your community.

Take care

Mark Grove   
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