Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Musicians--Would You Pay $1,000.00 To learn A Valuable Recording Tip From Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix?

I know I would.

In a facebook message today to a well known bass player with the Gorilla Funk Mob in Detroit;G-Rock,or Greg Sanders I talked about just a tad about Jimi Hendrix and the fact  I liked The Band Of Gypsy's material more. As well, the fact I think that paying a GRAND for just one recording or playing tip from either of these musicians, is worth a fortune,and why.

This is my short little post to Greg on FB.

That pic is of G-Rock himself onstage.

Hey Greg. I personally like JImi,Billy and Buddy's material more than the stuff Jimi did with The Experience. To have been a fly on the wall when The Band Of Gypsy's played in small clubs. Now doing an interview with Billy or Buddy would be "gold!" Musicians don't realize that. Let me back track on that Greg. Earlier in the summer I bought a book on Jimmy Page written by Guitar World head Brad Tolinski. The tips and lessons from Jimmy in that book are worth a fortune. Lets say you pay 1000 dollars to get information on a particular way to record fro Jimmy Page that's innovative. If you actually used that tip to make a better recording,and let your fans know where you got that tips from, could make your band more money. The value of that tip could be worth more than you paid for it. Understand fellow musicians?

In my next piece on this important revelation I'll explain why it's important to pay more money for tips on recording than playing--than paying a few measly bucks from people who don't the real score  when it comes to the important subjects of recording and playing. As well as a few music marketing tips.

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