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Musicians, How To Stop Being Allergic To Success--And A Personal Story To make You Mentally Tough As A Musician

                                                                                                                                                            Most musicians don't realize how money is really made in the music business or in any other business for that matter. Just the way it is. I'm not here to slag or put down anyone. That's not my intention. You need to hear the real goods guys.

By the way, this is a classic picture of Plant kissing Band Manager Peter Grant. Most bands wish they had good relationships with their managers or agents ,but don't. Most of what I say falls on deaf ears but I keep moving in this biz despite the naysayers. Most marginal bands seem to think that making money as a musician is some kind of mystical transaction that only happens to a privileged few. O you seem to think they must be doing something illegal or immoral to get major bookings.

Think what you want but I'll tell you like it is.

Why you Need a Thick Skin As a Musician

If you can't grow a thick skin as a musician or band you are basically going to make peanuts or give up altogether.

Here's a personal story.

 I worked with someone in the music business in 1985 and 86 booking blues bands in Southern Canada and the US Northeast. We were making some decent cash as an agency but nothing spectacular. We still worked regular jobs and worked doing something we loved. One day I went to use some of the agency money from our joint bank account which was at almost 9 grand in january 1986. To my dismay I saw that the account was in overdraft. What!

It seems that my business partner had literally absconded with the agency loot to the US and sought his fortune in the booking agency game in the US. I was pissed off for about a week when I realized that it was useless to try and get the cash back. He was in hiding until all this blew over. He was a bit of a wise guy who always took bold moves.

I was told by many others including relatives to get my cash back. To call the coppers. Why?

He was gone even though I knew I would see him someday even 20 years from then. I still had my own money and a good standing with people in the music business. I did see him but I just ignored him.

But wait...

The 2 blues bands we were handling got wind of all of this and decided to fly the agency coop and move on. Even though it didn't affect their bottom line they thought it did. They had friends tell them to get away from us and any agents and fly solo. They flew solo for a while and ended up quitting the biz. Too bad, they were great blues cats.

They could not develop a thick skin period.

I still had bookings for them lined up, and they were so adamant about going solo it affected their bookings and how much cash they were making. These bands thought I was doing something wrong and illegal regardless of it not affecting them. Figures. You think bands with major agencies worry about everything that happens as some sort of crisis? Hardly. They deal with it and move on. Don't give me any crap about them being better than other musicians and they have nothing to worry about.

They take care of business period.

I just got back to work booking bands and helping them media wise. That's all there is to it guys.

A Grave Warning For You The Musician:

You'll need to become immune to what happens to you and your band or the people who represent you, or become an also ran who gives up at the first sign of trouble.

You're not like that?  Are you?

The only blame a musician and agent should get is an inability to work together, or the inability of an agent to get bookings, or your band to not see that you have to actually work hard at this.

Only money made should ever get a vote in this music life.

Your Girlfriend or wife doesn't get a vote either, even though she thinks she does.

And neither does your Mother-In Law who hates with a passion the fact that her little girl married a musician. No she doesn't get a vote.

And other musicians other than your band don't get a vote either.

And most of all friends of yours who have something negative to say all the time about how you'll never make it, don't get a vote or a say in your life either. Don't let anyone have a say if they aren't involved directly in making cash for your band.

Can You Still grow a Thick Skin?

I really hope so. That way you can live out your dreams as a musician.

There is no better time than right now to start creating a thick skin so hard, that anything that happens in your music career you can deal with like a pro. If you can deal with the BS of the music industry and have a thick skin, then I have the perfect medication for you and your band.
Musicians, How To Stop Being Allergic To Success--And A Personal Story To make You Menatlly Tough As A Musician
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Much success to all musicians, and I know you can develop that thick skin.

Mark Grove
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