Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jimi Hendrix Tip On Grabbing Good Session Players For Your Studio or Live Sessions

Here's a tip from Jimi Hendrix days in New York City. Even when he was recording or playing in town he would always check out other players he could use,especially at a Club called:The Scene. So players always check out other clubs and jam sessions for that special player who may be able to fill in session wise on a song that has no legs, or your bass player or other guitar player has a hard time with.

That's the tip guys. Scope out jam sessions and jam with players you think would be a good fit for your band.

If all you go by is a CD and seeing them live,that's not enough. Actually play with them and jam.

I'll have more tips on Jimi soon. Actually,Eddie Kramer the man who recorded Jimi at Electric LadyLand Studios has many tips on recording and what Jimi did to get better players,record or get better as a player himself.

Even Jimi had to practice to get better. Not just playing live and recording.

Okay, that's it guys. 
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