Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Musicians, What You Can Do To Help Your Fellow Player In These Tough Times, And Think Differently To Prosper

Hey everybody, just wanted you to know even though things seem a little bleak economy wise you can come out ahead and help other musicians. Think about it this way, even in the hardest times people always want to be entertained so they can get out and have fun away from thinking about their jobs, taxes, shitty government practices, and the Mother-In-Law who hates you being a musician.

 The Picture here is of Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. I should know who the drummer is, but I'm at a loss. If anyone knows who it is email me.

For you the serious musician you should see the economic problems as an opportunity for you and your band to prosper. Most people think you can't possibly succeed, right? WRONNNG!

I know you can do what you want as a musician and I say this all the time to musicians. Okay, since I've blathered on enough here's the first little tip to help out a fellow musician this holiday season and all year long. Yep, get out of yourself and stop thinking about what you can get. Here's what ya do. Find a band who's music you like and respect locally, and interview them. Get to know them. Put the interview on your band site, and if the local club they play at doesn't get regular media attention bring out a local College writer who specializes in their style of music and have them interview the band as well.

Okay, keep on interviewing this band on a regular basis. Keep using College media writers, because they're more attuned to the pulse of music and what younger people are listening to. If your band isn't getting gigs regularly, you can do the same thing to help your band get media attention. But focus on this band to help them. After you do all that for about a couple months, ask this band if it would be okay for your band to open for them. Even do it for free if you have to, but try to work out a deal with the club and the band so you can get paid. Even if it's just a small amount.

But keep helping out that band. And by opening for them you get your band out there and chances are your band will get more gigs. Have the band you're helping open for your band as well. Implement a joint venture where both bands can make money. Keep interviewing this band on different aspects of their music so they are always in the media. Believe me, getting free publicity is easier than you think.

Ask the club where both bands are playing to hold a Press Conference to really shine the light on both bands. And come out with some quirky off the wall publicity stunt like having a musician dress up as some cartoon like character like Big Foot playing a guitar with an amp that's plugged in, who comes out of the wings and says "I started playing guitar because of these bands" and my band is destroying every place we play."

If the band you're helping is having a hard time selling their CD's offer to sell them for 20 percent of the profits. And if they are having a hard time getting gigs offer to book them as well, as long as both bands are helping each other. If the band you're helping just wants help for free after all that, move on to the next band. There are also a number of off the beaten path ways to publicize your band and others for free and make money.

First of all, help your fellow musician and give them a hand up not a hand out. Most musicians are grateful and will work with you so both bands can prosper. If your band needs help with publicity,bookings or creating a joint venture with another band, just email me.

So get out there and help your fellow musician.

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