Thursday, December 10, 2015

Off The Beaten Path Ways For Indie Musicians Like You To Make Money---No Shit!

Off The Beaten Path Ways For Indie Musicians Like You To Make Money---No Shit!

This is a picture of none other than David Crosby from CSNY. I realize that media and money came straight at them,but they still had to put in the work each night and play well,and do media interviews as well.

They didn't make money in a vacuum. But for most of you musicians you can still take advantage of both old school media and new digital based ways,along with just creating goodwill and value for other bands in a few ways in this "how to" article. Okay,get out your trusty pencil or pen and paper and take notes. Then get your band to work together on this stuff. if you love being a musician enough you'll do these things.
Like I keep saying....

"it's the unsexy stuff that will make you money as a musician"

Not just playing gigs. 

Most musicians don't get the media they deserve. Especially blues and rock players. Its all about what band is creating the most buzz. If you're going with the crowd, or mainstream media, players you're missing the picture here. Go the other way. When the media or a band goes one way, go the other. One way you can start getting media for your band is interview one of your favorite bands and put that interview on your band website.
Write free articles for musicians and host question and answer sessions for them at their gigs and on line. Keep doing this for free. At some point ask them to reciprocate. If they won't go on to the next band. Chances are some other band sees what you're doing and want to help. Another way to get alternative media to interview your band is use college radio, print and TV. Shun mainstream media.
Find a writer who writes for the type of music you play. Ask them to interview your band. If they say no, change your approach. Offer them free guitar lessons, free admission to your gigs. Barter comes in handy when dealing with media people. Interview other bands still and put their interviews on your site still. Do live video streams and use You Tube to get more traffic. Offer Press Kit services such as article writing, bios, CD reviews and get an on line presence. Also offer to let bands open up for you, and for your band to open up for others for press kit services. Keep your services focused on your genre.You can do press kit services for other genres, but don't go in too many directions.
You'll want a regular writer for your band who also has connections to underground media sources, and is willing to work for free until your band plays regularly. Keep on writing for other bands. To make extra money online, offer music equipment at a discount. Sell wholesale music equipment. Two top notch whole sale music equipment sources are and You can also sell Rock Band Merch from
 in either their affiliate program, or sell off Ebay.
Booking other blues or rock acts can also act as another off the beaten path way of making money for your band besides gigs. But start by helping bands for free. If you want more info on these ways to make money for your band, just email me.
Peace and success to all players.
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