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Jimmy Page And Why You The Musician Need To Learn From One Of The Rock n' Roll Masters Of Composing,Playing and Producing

Jimmy Page And Why You The Musician Need To Learn From One Of The Rock n' Roll Masters Of Composing,Playing and Producing
This is an important repost I think needs repeating since I dealt with a musician who doesn't get it you have to actually gig to make money.  What do you think Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin did back in the 70's?

An no,that's not a picture of Jimmy. It's John Paul Jones and John Bonham. I see lots of Jimmy pics. Thought I'd switch it up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I said I would have updates on the book about Jimmy Page I'm currently reading. I tend to read two books at once these days, and it takes me a little into the ADD realm.

But I think this book: “Light and Shade” by Brad Tolinski could be one of the best books on music I've read in a long time that can help musicians get a real grasp on where they have to go composing wise, music business wise and learning to record your own material your way.

I'm just wingin' it here so bear with me.

Jimmy Page On Studying Records:

In my last post I talked about Jimmy studying the great blues artists and literally playing along with, and to their material to learn and become better musicians. Jimmy would study the difference between recorded sound of one session from another and what was being applied improvising wise, and how they set up their equipment as well.  And how the effects those players used and how Jimmy sees the music, seem way in the background for him.

This is why I keep saying to blues artists—to study and play to old blues recordings, actual vinyl.
Listen to the records intently while you're playing along with it, and even when you play blues jams
to listen to other players and learn how to interpret their chording with tasteful chording and soloing in short bursts, with total feeling and sustain that few others really grasp playing blues.

As well, fashion and art really meshed with Jimmy's sense of guitar styling's in more of a rock n' roll way, but still had that blues groove not many could muster.

Jimmy basically thought that music,fashion and art blended well in a complementary sense.
I'm going to be including a lot of “how to” material from the book done in a way that you learn from and apply in your music.

I know if you buy this book and apply Jimmy's principles in the studio, live or music business wise you'll do well!

I love led Zeppelin and Jimmy, but I'm more enamored what what their music can teach you as a musician and applying it in your own band or even doing session work. Yes, session playing still
exists and you should take action to be an in demand player.

You can grab “Light and Shade” on Amazon.

Here's why you want this book guys:

To first of all use the expertise of Jimmy Page. Jimmy is not some musical genius that no one can become. Far from it. You can do this.

Like I said previously---Jimmy's acumen will teach you studio, live and music business techniques that you can only get by grabbing this book. I'm not kidding!

Here's what to do next:

Tell other musicians you think would benefit from this book, and talk about the book and brainstorm ideas in “round table” discussions with your fellow band mates.

Tell other musicians how this book can assist them and other musicians in becoming the musicians that are more educated, and become the players and bands they know they are capable of being. Not just you.

I think it's well worth the price, and the massive value from this book is priceless. If a book from Jimmy on producing, playing and music business tips was out there and cost a thousand dollars---would it be worth it? I know it would be.

Think about what will happen if you don't buy this book and don't take massive action on Jimmy's music tips and acumen. Nothing.

I think this book is worth 100 thousand dollars. I'm not kidding you!

The more you pay for quality material that can help you, the better off your band will be.

Don't you think.

But use that tip on playing to old albums that Jimmy did way back in the late 50's and early 60's to start you off.

I will be worth it. And listen intently and play along with fellow musicians.

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