Monday, April 11, 2016

Musicians--Why You Need To Focus On One Thing At A Time To Have Any Tangible Results

Professional Musician Tip 101--Or 100 In This Case:
The majority of musicians aren't focused on being good musicians who help other musicians and waste each day without any kind of a plan, and commit to it. All I ask is that you do one thing to either help other musicians, or have your band focus on getting one song down.
That will help you get some results even though it's just one thing. Yes it's an incredibly small goal, but just getting one song down moves you and your band down closer to the goal of getting better, tighter and a set list down.
Musicians, get back into what you love!! That's the spiritual benefit of being a musician. Here's another tip you could do especially if you're having issues with getting any opening gigs.
Help out a local band you love by researching them and coming up with interview questions and do an interview them. Put that interview on your site, a local musicians community blog in your town. This way you're creating value for that band, and you're getting closer to your band's goal of opening for another band.
You won't die if you do this stuff to help your band get closer to your goals.
It's little itsy bitsy steps yes, but it will help your band. Believe me. Just take a little action guys.
You and your band have the guts to do these things. Get down a set list little by little, and help out other bands you want to open for. Get your band members to help you. They're in this for the long haul too.
You love being a musician and it's worth it to focus
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