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Rock N' Roll Radio Interview With Classic Rock 94.5's Drew Stefani---Rock N' Roll Radio From "Deep In Country"

 94.5 The Bull Has An Original Disc Jockey Drew Stefani Who Is Old School All the Way

By the way, The Bull changed it's name but not where it is on the radio dial.
It's now  

This article is now 3 years old. God damn it! time flies by like fuckin' crazy!    

If you live either live in Canada or the USA you'll love this rock radio station!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        In my travels recently I came across a radio in the sticks of Canada where my brother is a farmer. It's actually in Wingham, Ontario and floored me with the old school rock and blues they play. Yet, I live here in London, Ontario which is twenty times the size, yet does not have a rock and old school station near to what  is.

I was originally going to interview Jay Stevens from The Bull, but he said I'm not the guy to interview, but they had someone on staff that was a musician and would be a wealth of info and acumen on music and being a musician.

Jay directed me to Drew Stefani who I found that is definitely old school rock and blues which I found out through my interview questions I sent to him. Drew and music seem to be made for each other and it shows in his daily shows. Stefani runs the ShutUp And Rock Workday from 10AM to 3PM daily on the Bull.

Besides working his radio show Drew has his own blues band and has a great knowledge and love of music and life, I wish some of my friends had. Drew also interviews some of the top musicians from today and especially yesteryear. One of those interviews I'm going to leave a link to as well. Big on Drew's list is music, family and helping in his community. But not necessarily in that order.

For my readers here on Canadian Guitar Player they need to: and I implore you to get over and listen to The Bull!! if you're tired of so called classic rock stations that don't really play classic rock, and don't talk much about what music really is, and should be about, head over to the bull.

I have the interview I did with Drew right here, and for many players here in Ontario he's someone you may want to contact for possibly just jamming with him and talking about music and guitar gear. Maybe I'm speculating and Drew doesn't want me assuming anything. But, you guys know me,  if I think something can work I'll tell you and see if I can make you join forces for the better of music and battle the forces of garbage music.

Drew got into the rock radio game as a matter of interest more than anything and it's worked out well for Drew as a musician and person who cares about his community. So, I have the interview with Drew, a link to and a link to his interview with Paul Rodgers of Bad Company and Free.

Thanks again to Drew Stefani at 94.5 The Bull here in Wingham, Ontario Canada.

So finally here's the interview.

MG: What type of music do you play mainly as a guitarist?

DS: Gibson Les Paul studio….although I own a Strat squire as well….it’s permanently in open g tuning

MG:Today's rock music compared to the material you play from the 60's, 70's and 80's on "The Bull"; As a rock radio jockey do you think stylistically and ability wise that's changed?

DS: For the most part a lot of “today’” rock bands don’t go that deep. Their music roots are shallow. There are of course some exceptions, the current blues revival gives me hope for the future….groups like The Black Key’s, Head of the Herd and everything Jack White does.

MG: How did you get involved in rock radio?

DS: Accidental….purely…but I’ve managed to “Forrest Gump” it this far. I love this job cause it keeps me close to the music.

MG: I see that at times you do interview the players from back in the 70's and that makes me feel good to know that. Is that a regular part of what "The Bull" does in interviewing these old rock and bluesmen?

DS: We’ll interview whomever we can, if the opportunity presents itself.

MG: I think a lot of your fans who listen to you from 10 am to 3 on your "Shut Up & Rock Workday
Show would like to know what kind of guitar and gear you use?

Reason I ask is my readers always want to know what certain players use. And, do you use a distortion pedal Drew? I just got through reading Guitar World's picks for the top 50 pedals. Naturally, the Ibanez Tube Screamer is tops, and was used by Tony Iommi.

DS: FAN’S???? That’s funny man. I use a boss tuner and a Jim Dunlop Wha-Wha…that’s it. Too many players use distortion to cover up their mistakes. I use a 50 watt Crate tube amp…and the drive channel is at about half….

MG: Okay, last question. Are you currently playing with a band? And, I noticed a lot of bands play up in Wingham and the area where "The Bull" is. Do you find it's a matter of people wanting to hear and go see      their favorite musicians more these days than in the days of Classic Rock when I was a teenager?

DS: I just formed a blues band…”Bathtub Gin”…we do traditional (Delta) and electric (Chicago) as well as some classic rock….loads of Stones and Zep….who are both essentially blues based. As for what folks want to hear….nope…not interested….I wanna play what get’s me off….and if others dig it as well….well that’s just great.

Thank you Drew.

Mark Grove--Canadian Guitar Player

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