Thursday, July 7, 2016

Rock N' Roll Writer Offers Kick Ass Writing And Press Kit Service For Musicians

Rock N' Roll Writer Offers Kick Ass Writing And Press Kit Service For Musicians

This grizzled old timer is a music industry writer by trade and write press material and content for musicians,that is so wild, you'll think you were having an acid flashback from the 70's!

That's how good we are.

Creating press kit material that don't just resonate with the musicians,but record labels,agents,managers and yes,rock n' roll fans as well.

So get started developing your band's personality with a strong press kit that symbolizes what your band is about,that will get you rockin' and rollin' to the masses on "the net" and offline, and start making even more money.

We also offer writing services such as articles,artist profiles and full press packs. But we are only willing work with a select few bands in this regard. But if your band has what it takes, and you know what you want, and we can work together well we could provide our wild writing style that blows away what anyone else can do.

Send us any examples of what you want writing wise and any material you may have on your band to get started.

I am a serious music industry writer,and I implore you to stop thinking about it,and shoot us an email.

As far as our top notch writing services go---we ask 50 dollars per article,200 dollars per 4 articles---and 400 dollars per month to write articles and press material. 

We aren't cheap, but we are good at we do. So get started today.

I'm even telling you who I am. I am Mark Grove and I run a site called Canadian Guitar Player. It is a "how to" site for musicians with guitar and gear tips,music business articles and artist profiles. So get started today with us and come along for this ride we love as musicians and music industry insiders.

" Our writing services are so far out,that major labels,musicians- and musicians unions are afraid of us".

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