Sunday, July 17, 2016

Session Playing--Why You Should Wait To Include Any Element Of Your Own Chops In The Mix

                                                                                                                                                                  I was reading a recent article in in the back section called;Session Stories. Steve Lukather has been the main player in these articles. Anyway, he talked about learning from other players   and the masters of session work before including your own elements in any recordings. Unfortunately,Session work is not about chops or improvising the hell out of someone else's work. You have to be able to play literally note for note another player's material. That's why I think most lead guitar players today do not make very proficient session guys.

Some players are more suited to session work but the odd amazing player can get the feel better than some sideman.It depends on the situation too. But take the most simple song,commercial jingle or even jam piece,and the best players can't get it. It's kind of like being a Scout for a label or a pro sports team. What you see isn't always what will transpire in a studio session. But going back to what this post is about. You have to learn from the best studio session players and producers--and be willing to play their way. Then when you're a known commodity who is adept at session work, than you can add your own improvisational elements into the mix.

Talk to a local blues band or a studio and offer your services for free as a studio musician until you can play exactly what they want,then add your own way of playing to a song. Most players won't do this, and that's why they never make the kind of money they deserve as session players,or sidemen playing live or on albums that sell well. That's just the way it is guys. I'm here to help you in any way I can with the Musicians Instant Press Kit which will also delve into how to play for other bands as a steady sideman and session player as well.

We are always here to help musicians like you who want to succeed. So get started today on being a great sideman. Read the piece from Lukather on Session stories.

Much Success on stage and in the studio guys.

talk about jams too.
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