Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jimmy Page And Why You Need To Listen Up And Use His Acumen

Why Musicians Should Learn From Jimmy Page
I was reading a lengthy interview in the 1977 issue of Guitar Player. Steve Rosen, a well known GP writer from that era was interviewing Jimmy.
As you know I like to learn from many musicians and areas in life, and Jimmy Page is no different. There are so many golden nuggets of information musicians can use for composing music, setting up equipment to tips on playing live or recording albums in this interview. Even how to spot and take advantage of opportunities if you're a session player or full band. These are the types of things I talk about on my blog---Creating Value For Other Musicians And Bands!
As well, a tip on why doing sessions even for free kept Jimmy's playing level high, and his desire and demand by others high as well. All it takes is learning from others, and Jimmy did that in spades. Just because he was Jimmy Page, doesn't get you a shot just like that. I personally like what Jimmy did production wise versus any live work. And Mr. Page helped many a band in the studio, and I wish that books and interviews would delve into that more. But this interview is jam packed with solid info you can use as a single player or with your band. So Take notes and apply those techniques. It would be well worth it.
So here's the link to the interview. Much success to you and your band.

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