Thursday, September 29, 2016

Jimi Hendrix Went Acoustic? And Eddie Kramer Is In The Mix Remastering His Shit--Good Shit--As Opposed To The Bad Shit

Apparently Eddie Kramer if you don't know him was Jimi's recording engineer back in the late 60's. Eddie is coming out with an acoustic album based upon some of Jimi's material. Some of music's top players will doing sessions for this acoustic affair. I never had the pleasure to see Jimi live, because I was too young---but from the Hendrix material I've listened to over the years, Jimi's playing seem to capture more of a rhythmic lead than a pure lead tone in his work. Taking Jimi's work and playing it strictly in an acoustic style may be daunting, but it could turn out to be some of the better Hendrix work covered. Who knows.

But I would take Jimi's work even further back and do it analog style. To me that would make a project like this more appealing and force you to become more creative, rather than relying on digital technology and taking the easy way out.

I'll be looking forward to listening to this all acoustic Hendrix cover album.
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