Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dee Curtis On Why You Don't Need That 2 Thousand Dollar Amp To Get The Tone You Want

I was having a long discussion with Dee Curtis, my friend and consultant to the blog, on amps and why most players seem to think they need the latest boutique amp and distortion stomp box to get the tone they're looking for.

Dee went on to say that he used a Crate amp way back when, which are known as poor man's amp,or trailer trash crap to some players. Dee begs to differ,and so do I.

How does a Tube Screamer blends into the mix?

Distortion option on an amp not needed.

Combo amp?

lower watt amps?

How you set up your amp with your guitar more important?

I'll have this idea, or article and interview up with Dee in a number of days.

Dee will be talking about his amp rig and effects he uses now. A lot of musicians will want to know to get an education from Dee.

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