Thursday, December 8, 2016

Metallica's Kirk Hammett Loses His Cell Phone Full Of Riffs--And Why A Secondary Digital Recorder Is Key To Keeping Those Precious Riffs From Being Lost In Space

 I was just reading a short article on Kirk Hammett and the fact he likes to record on the fly with his I Phone if I'm correct. That way he can record when an idea pops into his head,immediately!

That's all fine and good,and you have many possible riffs at your disposal to use in future songs,but here's the thing; Kirk was overseas and lost that phone with all those great riffs.

That's why I love old technology. When ever I do interviews I use a digital recorder. That's right a  digital recorder. Or I use Good old analog technology like a tape recorder at times. But here's the thing, Kirk had no choice to get back to the drawing board. If someone picks up that phone and finds it in one piece,and goes through it and realizes that it's Kirk's phone,and important,that they'll have it in them to mail it back to Kirk,and actually contact someone on Kirk's contact list. And not worry about a reward.

So,here's what I suggest musicians do. If you still think you should record riffs on the fly,and still use digital technology.  Use a digital tape recorder. If you're a musician who cares about quality of the riffs you're recording as well you'll want to grab on to one of these great digital recorders which I have available right now.

Many top musicians use these as well as even the music journalists who interview do as well.
But first read this great interview with Kirk Hammett done on a cassette recorder in Denmark where he lost his precious riffs. So,if you can don't record on your phone,especially if you cherish your riffs.

Go grab one of these digital recorders for the holidays and you won't go wrong. You can even interview other bands and people in the music business whose advice you think is important.

Just click this link and grab one of these babies today!                                                                                                                                                                                          
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