Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Rock N' Roll Writer Offers Kick Ass Writing And Press Kit Service For Rockers

 If Jimmy Page had 10 tips on how to record better albums and asked for a thousand bucks for the tips that he said would help your band,would you buy it? Most would because what he says you can trust and will work,if you work hard at it. And you know Jimmy knows his stuff.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Musicians, I offer a service that most musicians like you won't do. You seem to think that your music is the only thing that matters. It does to a certain degree,but promoting your band and getting interviews is more important. That way many eyeballs are on your band.
The best form of promotion is the Free Media. Print,radio and TV don't cost you anything other than the cost of using one of your CDS to give to a media person--along with a short but effective press package of your band.
As well, when your band is playing have the media come out to your gig. Offer them free tickets to the gig and based upon your research of a music writer---see what kind of music they like,and get them an interview with a well known band. You always have to go out of your way to help the music media,and other bands.
So,here's what I'm offering to musicians. And yes I'm asking for money people. Oh no, the big bad music writer is asking for money. You want valuable assistance that can help your band,then be willing to pay someone,then use their advice.
Having a handle on how to get the media to interview your band constantly, will help your band in many ways. From getting gigs to well known bands asking you to open for them. That means more money,and more CD sales.
Here's what i got,what my writing service will do for your band and why you need it. If not your band will spin it's wheels for ever. I know you want big things for your band,so why not pay for it. If you have to,start a savings account for you or your band,dedicating it to paying for a writing service and getting media attention.
Makes sense to me to actually work hard at getting media. Just because your band plays regular gigs and is selling a few cds, doesn't result in success. And don't say you don't care about that. Even the Stones want success still. They just came out with a blues album,low and behold,and it's not cheap to record,and promote. Yes, they obviously have a management team. The best bands have a group of dedicated people who work to best serve their needs media,recording,gigging and cd selling wise. But people like Mick Jagger learn all they can to succeed in the music business. Not just play and record music and stick to the creative side.
So get your ass going and use my press writing service for your band. Look at it and see if it's for you. If not, I'll get you next time. Fair enough.
Rock N' Roll Writer Offers Kick Ass Writing And Press Kit Service For Rockers

 This grizzled old timer is a music industry writer by trade and writes press material and content for musicians,that is so wild, you'll think you were having an acid flashback from the 70's!

That's how good we are.
Creating press kit material that don't just resonate with the musicians,but record labels,agents,managers and yes,rock n' roll fans as well.
So get started developing your band's personality with a strong press kit that symbolizes what your band is about,that will get you rockin' and rollin' to the masses on "the net" and offline,and start making even more money.
We also offer writing services such as articles,artist profiles and full press packs. But we are only willing work with a select few bands in this regard. But if your band has what it takes, and you know what you want, and we can work together well we could provide our wild writing style that blows away what anyone else can do.
Send us any examples of what you want writing wise and any material you may have on your band to get started.
I am a serious music industry writer,and I implore you to stop thinking about it,and shoot us an email.
As far as our top notch writing services go---we ask 125 dollars per article,450 dollars per 4 articles---and 1,000 dollars per month to write articles for our premium press package for your band..
We aren't cheap, but we are good at we do. So get started today.
I'm even telling you who I am. I am Mark Grove and I run a site called Canadian Guitar Player. It is a "how to" site for musicians with guitar and gear tips,music business articles and artist profiles. So get started today with us and come along for this ride we love as musicians and music industry insiders.
" Our writing services are so far out,that major labels,musicians- and musicians unions are afraid of us".
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