Friday, June 16, 2017

Jimmy Page His Les Paul and Grover Tuners

immy Page, if he used a certain type of Machine Head for his Les Paul--would you read what he has to say and see if those Tuners are right for you?
There is a reason why I'm saying all this,
I'm going to interview someone who understands the absolute need for high quality machine heads for your guitar,and why they are so vital.
Especially so your guitar works well while playing,getting the right tone,and so you're not always having to adjust your M--Heads constantly.
I even suggest a certain type of machine head to use,and even go back in time to when Jimmy Page bought a certain guitar,and even changed the machine heads because of the direction he was taking his band and their music.
I'll have something on this important subject soon.
But for now,head on over to the blog and learn yerself something about music and doing what you love!
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