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Jimi Hendrix Was he Really The Best Player Ever?

Jimi Hendrix was he really the Best Player Ever?

This is an important repost, actually two articles with one being about whether he was the best player ever, and did he die before he did what he really wanted in music?  What I think is below and you know it won't be what most musicians and fans think. I'm a contrarian thinker and doer guys, just the way it is.

I think serious musicians like yourself need to think differently even if you're playing simple music. That will help you break free from the chains that hold players down from keeping playing note for note chords of the blues masters. I refer to blues mainly because that's where most music originated from and the music that matters most to little old me. That, and jazz based chords and textures.

So read my drivel and email me with your thoughts on was Hendrix the greatest? and did he croak before his prime?

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Most of us listen to music to hear wild and incredible texturing and dazzling chord structures of rock and blues that takes us on a ride if you will. Yes, I know you want to know what I think about Hendrix, so here it is in it's vile and putrid form that's all Mark Grove and Canadian Guitar Player.

Hendrix turned guitar playing on it's head and into a form that literally took Rock, blues, and different free-form jazz and formed a new realm of music.This turned the musicians who watched him wanting more and literally taking notes to learn from a master. Kind of like a Tiger Woods,Wayne Gretzky or Bobby Orr.

Sports plays a part in music believe me. Don't ask me why it just does.

Most musicians today including you who are reading this just copy his stuff. You don't really play it your way. Dee Curtis plays it his way. Robin Trower plays it his way and developed his own style of rock. Most guitar players don't show any artistic integrity or individuality when playing Jimi's music or their own.

Oh no, but I won't make any money if I play it my way.--well you basically have your head up the ass of corporate music money machines.That's where a lot musicians with no discernible talent become stars and super rich. Eminem, all rap artists, and a lot of guitarist's who are chained to major labels through their own stupidity.

Back to Hendrix. I was only 7 years old when he died in 1970 and couldn't really appreciate what he meant to real musicians and music fans.I'm including another piece I did on Hendrix with me chiming on about whether he died before his prime.

Did Hendrix Die before His Prime?

No he didn't. Hendrix played music with his soul and his heart and literally blew it off the map. He did what he wanted then bit the biscuit. So what if he died in a pool of his own vomit! He partied with the best musicians and music lovers, and his impact on music was so incredible in a short time on other musicians, which is who I care about.

Hendrix took his Band Of Gypsies and The Experience fans on a ride no one will ever forget. Today's hip-hop and rap is bullshit music that is useless and negative. Listen to music that moves you and has feeling, that will last you a lifetime. Blues and rock has has a feeling that will last a lifetime and can't get from today's shit music.

Even Jazz and country doesn't have that heart.

Maybe I don't know shit about this and you think I'm an idiot. I still have friends that say with a lifted eyebrow and a quizzical stupid look on their face saying--give it a rest Mark, Hendrix died a long time ago. Then they'll say my kids listen to Hip-hop and I like it too. Fuck that shit.

You still don't get it. Listen to real music. I probably won't be able to convince any of you dolts about being involved with real music that matters. That's your loss. When all the great musicians are gone, that will be it.

Here's Jimi's gear that he used to thrill us with:

Guitar: Fender Strat and a Gibson Flying-V

Amps: Sunn Amps
Marshall Full or Half Stacks

Effects: Octavia Vox Wah pedals, Fuzz Face, Univibe rotational speaker

Strings: There is some debate as to whether Hendrix used Light or heavier strings. Buddy Miles said he used a mixture of heavy and light strings. It was said he used Fender string sets. He may have used different brand names as well. I would say if he used different string gauges, he did it because of a want to experiment instead of using the same strings all the time.

I realize I'm being over the top with all of this, but my passion is music and most musicians want to make money, not play the music that really matters.

Read all you can about Hendrix and go to his website where his relatives have capitalized on his being the most famous musician. Greedy little fucks they are, including his own father. Yes, you can make a good living being a musician and playing it your way. Just don't be a session player and play music you would never listen to just to make big bucks.

Be a musician and be determined to play it until you can't do it anymore. Enjoy the ride. You can email me at

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