Thursday, July 13, 2017

G Rock--The King Of The Bass Bottom Feed--Doles Out Another Great Slice Of Real Bass On His Back To Basixx Album

CD review:

Artist:Greg G Rock Sanders

Album: Back To Bassixx


Label: Long Range Distrubution---

The Godfather of the Bass Bottom Feeder Foundation in the Rap,Hip-Hop world Greg G Rock Sanders; has come out with an album with a total live feel. And since I'm more of a rock n' roll based music writer I thought that it would be more rap based.

But I was floored when it had a distinctively hip-hop flavor,with a jazz and rock feel in a few tracks.

It's been a while since I reviewed any album at all,and I did do a review of Greg's band The Gorilla Funk Mob a number of years back for an EP they came out with. I'll have a link to G Rock's Back to Basixx album,and a link to the Gorilla Funk Mob's live album as well,which is a limited edition album,and definitely worth it for those of you who are junkies of GFB's style of gritty down and dirty bass that just sings to your beat driven love of G Rock's bottom feeder style,which is truly original.

Back To Basixx Review:

I wasn't sure how I'd do this review. I usually go through and literally dissect every song which is what you should do if you're a wild fan of G Rocks work,and especially if you're a musician in the hip-hop and rap world and want to move up. Like I said this album album has more of a live feel done off the studio floor,and one tune that was done live some where,and I didn't ask Greg where it was done.

Okay,here we go bottom feeder lovers...

Do It For Love:

Me being an old school music lover I heard that Stevie Wonder type vocal from one of hip hops best voices,Tony Ozier. The arrangement seemed to take me back to Wonder's Songs in the key of life album which was built on that vocal foundation,and kept the bass and hip hop feel to a minimum.

G's Interlude:

Strong bass instrumental track with literally a knuckle dragging,bass guitar slingin' funk beat which went quite well with G Rock's comic strip he did the music for:Galactic Gorilla and the Cosmic Brotherhood. it's a slower tempoed track,but one you'll want to have on your cell phone or listen to  on your headphones.

That Girl: More of a rock induced song pure and simple.

Feeling Fine: A little piano and bass like interlude that reminds me of little ditties Frank Zappa used to do back in the 1970's,with a jazz like symth voicing.

Fuse Hall:Right dead on Reggae feel which I wasn't totally thrilled with,but took Back to Basixx in a different direction. I'll admit I've never delved into the reggae music scene,but it still an interesting side step.

Strung out: If you're a lover of The G Rock Force you'll love this song which is another jazz oriented song with more of G's strong bass presence. There'a also a bit of rap you can jive on,which for both armchair quarterbacks of rap,and rap artists,take some notes from G Rock and company on this album.

If You Want Me To Stay: For those of you who are old school music lovers of acoustic,folk type music you'll love this song. Takes me back to old Crosby,Still Nash and Young. This particular song has a strong lead guitar on it. Another keeper for listening when out and about or at home.

Harmonically Correct: Now this song little did I realize was actually done live somewhere. I wondered why it had such a live feel,other than thinking it was done off the floor without many effects at all. I never asked Greg where it was done. Actually doesn't matter.

Great tune done bare bones style!

It was more uptempo than a lot of the material on the album,and gave off a pop/rock like instrumental  feel with a free from jazz arrangement that had horns as well.


If you like simple grooves from G Rock this is the song you want.

Planet G Rock:

More hip hop flavored textural wise,with that Bottom Feeder style that is all G Rock.

Indian Lullaby:

Now this is a song I didn't think Greg would do. It was very percussion like with a new age twist that took the Back to Basixx album in a different direction.

To grab this album,and you know you want to after reading this review;you can go grab the Greg G Rock Sanders album: Back to Basixx over here at:

As well you can grab a limited edition copy of G Rock's main band The Gorrila Funk Mob,and their ultimate live CD which is available as well. There are a few minor issues with the link to the live Gorilla Funk Mob album,so I'm going to put it up later.

If you want a copy of the album,just let me know and I'll put you on the list.

I never thought I'd enter the hip hop and funk world in the music business,but if you're a hip hop musician,or just love this kind of music you'll love the simple beats of G Rock. I'll be putting this    up on social media so look for it on Long Range Distribution and at G Rock's and Gorilla Funk Mob gigs.

Thanks Greg

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