Thursday, March 3, 2016

Musicians,Would Giving You Back Money For A Value Creating Product You Buy From Me Help You and Your Band?

Hey Musicians,question for you.
If I sell you an information report or piece of gear that helped you or your band in some way make money,develop better tone on stage or doing session work, for a certain amount.Then gave you back 75%,  would that be an incentive to stay on my email list giving you free material that created value for your band and yourself as a musician,every month? Get back to me here and tell me what you think.

By the way,that's a pic of Hendrix fiddlin' with his Tremelo. Not many pics of him fixing any gear.

Anyway,tell me what you think of my question. And if you're interested. 

PS: I will be selling an info-product and gear soon,and be offering to give a big majority of the money back to musicians who buy and stay on as subscribers. I want to create massive value for you every month with articles,free reports and advice on gear,music business and getting media that will help your band. 


Mark--"Somewhere Just South Of Constitution Park" (It's Much Easier On Yer' Constitution!) 
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