Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Jimi Hendrix--What was it like for Eddie Kramer to work with him at Electric Lady studio in NY in the late 60's?

I came across a great little site of Eddie's linked to his FB page. It's an archive site with a multitude of pictures taken by Eddie over the years of the great bands he recorded in the 60's and 70's. As well, he included snippets of info on what it was like working with these great artists.
The page I linked to is about Eddie's working with Hendrix. Eddie worked closely with Jimi Hendrix and many artists including working on Jimi's last studio album, and what it was like to work with Jimi and The Experience. Eddie also chimes in about seeing The Stones at Madison Square Garden with Jimi one night in 69.' And,what direction Jimi's music was taking near the end.
I'm reading a book about Jimmy Page at the moment and from what Eddie was saying about Jimi's control of the music and his vision for where he wanted it to go, is very much like Jimmy Page in that regard. Both in composing,recording and on stage as well. These are people who knew what they wanted despite what any other musicians,labels or agents wanted.
There are 3 little snippets of Eddie talking about Jimi and well worth the read to learn about how to conduct your own band in the studio and elsewhere. And I always love it when Eddie talks a little about his recording equipment way back when. And I still think analog equipment should play a part in a band's studio recording and composing. So just head over to this lovely link of Eddie's.
And for musicians who are fans of Eddie's and Jimi of course, Eddie is selling a signature line of distortion pedals and phase stomp boxes from F-pedals. Great little units for you musicians. I don't have a link to F-Pedals but you can find them listed on Eddie's site.
So go into the great archives on Eddie's site and be amazed at the pictures and stories of these wonderful artists Eddie had the privilege of recording and working with.

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